Dear colleagues,

we are pleased that you want to learn more about our practice and our concept of treatment. It is important to us to be reliable and competent partners to you. This dental practice was established in July 2000 by Dr. Stephan Girthofer in Bräuhausstrasse, which is based in the centre of Munich. The dental practice is a referral practice. Patients referred to us will be treated in close contact with you, within the framework of the letter of referral and after ending of the treatment will be referred back to you. We offer a large scale of performances in the areas of oral surgery, microsurgical endodontics, implantology and augmental surgery as well as 3-D-Diagnostic (DVT).

The practice was extended in the field of orthodontics by Dr. Kristina Girthofer in autumn of 2004. She offers the complete range of orthodontics for adults and children.

For letter of referral use the PDF form or just simply call us

We are looking forward working with you.


Dr. Kristina Girthofer and Dr. Stephan Girthofer