For many decades implantology has been a scientifically recognized field in dental medicine. We are a specialized dental practice for oral surgery and implantology with about 20 years of experience; this experience brings along a high success rate, minimally invasive surgery as well as a long-term and permanent treatment outcome, of what you, as our patient will profit from. Since 2001, due to the activity emphasis of implantology our dental practice is officially approved by the German Society for Implantology (DGI), the German Association of Dental Implantologists (BDIZ) and by the German Society for Implantology (DGZI), as a dental practice specialising in oral implantology. Since 2013, our dental practice is also a teaching practice for the DGI.

We offer:

  • Latest technology in diagnostics and therapy
  • Save and evidence-based surgery methods respectively treatment protocols
  • Market-leading dental implant systems for both, titanium dental implants and ceramic dental implants
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Best Quality due to 20 years of experience in implantology
  • Quality management certified by ISO in 2005

Surgical patients can reach us 24 hours a day